Peripheral nerve stimulation is an effective and drug-free pain management approach.

Peripheral nerve stimulation, or PNS, is one of the innovative treatment options patients can expect from the physicians at Northern California Pain Specialists. Peripheral nerve stimulation is an effective and drug-free pain management approach for those who suffer from chronic and some short-term acute pain of the peripheral nerve origin.

What is peripheral nerve stimulation?

Peripheral nerve stimulation uses mild electrical impulses to block pain signals from various parts of your body before they get to the brain.

How does peripheral nerve stimulation work?

Peripheral nerve stimulators work much like a spinal cord stimulator, except that we send the mild electrical currents directly to nerves outside the spinal cord. A pulse generator sends gentle pulses through insulated wire, or leads, to target nerves that are associated with your pain. This stimulation can block pain signals from traveling to the brain which means the pain signal cannot get through – in a way tricking the body into believing there is no pain by changing the way it perceives it.

Who are candidates for peripheral nerve stimulators?

The physicians at Northern California Pain Specialists use their vast clinical experience and care philosophy in finding the most effective, interventional treatment for each patient – not a cookie cutter solution. Peripheral nerve stimulators may be an effective treatment for limb and nerve pain as determined by our specialists. Please contact us to discover if you may be a candidate.

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