Coordinated care is the current trend in healthcare.

Coordinated care is the current trend in healthcare and Dr. Justin Lo, in San Jose, California, believes this is the right approach for many of his patients. The field of pain management is complex and, occasionally, another provider might offer a treatment option that Dr. Lo currently doesn't have available. In these cases, he might provide a specialist referral to his patients to ensure they get the most effective treatment option for their individual needs.

When might Dr. Lo send a patient to another specialist?

It's difficult to say how and why Dr. Lo might decide to call in another pain management specialist for a consultation. His ultimate goal for all his patients is to provide the best pain management solution possible. It's a complex and emerging field, though. In some cases, another provider might specialize in a specific type of pain.

For example, the treatment for pain associated with diabetic neuropathy might require a referral to a provider that focuses on that condition. The services Dr. Lo provides are not always the best solution to the problem.

Maybe the referral has nothing to do with the care plan and treatment options, but, it might simply be a matter of scheduling. Dr. Lo is aware that pain is disabling at times. It can disrupt a person's life completely. If he is booked up and unable to fit a patient in, Dr. Lo can provide a referral to a well-qualified colleague who has a more open schedule.

Are there procedures that Dr. Lo doesn't do?

Dr. Lo strives to stay current with the latest pain management procedures but some may require distinctive equipment that he doesn't have in the office. For example, Dr. Lo does not work with bioelectric therapy, but it might be something that a colleague offers. If it is the best option for his patient, Dr. Lo refers to another specialist to ensure they have access to this treatment plan.

How does Dr. Lo pick the referrals?

As a board-certified pain management specialist, Dr. Lo has a network of colleagues that work in the field. He bases his decision on what he knows about each of the specialists, their location, and even whether the patient's insurance covers the cost.

He works with his staff to find the right match for each patient and their particular circumstances. If necessary, he can provide multiple referrals and allow the patient to make a choice that best fits their needs and schedule. Dr. Lo works with these other providers, so he knows most of them personally. Many of them likely refer patients to him as well, when appropriate.

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