Northern California Pain Specialists, a team of highly experienced interventional pain management specialists, treat pain through a variety of interventions including joint injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulations and epidural procedures.


Northern California Pain Specialists

Our team specializes in interventional pain management. We treat:

Neck and back pain
Herniated Discs
Spinal Stenosis
Chronic Pain
Joint Pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Limb and Nerve Pain

Patients are treated in a family-like environment by the same physician throughout treatment, creating a relationship and continuity of care. Our goal is to provide the best pain management solution possible to maximize long term health and well being.

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8:30AM - 5PM


8:30AM - 5PM


8:30AM - 5PM


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8:30AM - 5PM






Epidural Injection
Finding the right solution for pain management is a complex process that sometimes requires getting to the root of the problem, which means treating the pain at the spinal level.
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Spinal cord stimulation is a form of neurostimulation therapy that can be very effective for those who suffer from chronic pain. The goal is to mask the pain by creating an alternative sensation.
Sympathetic Block
A sympathetic nerve block is injection therapy that targets the sympathetic nervous system. This is one of three divisions of the autonomic nervous system that regulates unconscious actions.
Put simply, it's a procedure that uses radio-frequency waves to create heat. In medicine, radio-frequency is used in many different ways. For pain management, it works to disrupt nerve conduction with heat.
Nerve Block
A nerve block is an injection of medicine into areas around sympathetic nerves, ganglion, or chain in either the lumbar or cervical region. The goal is to block the pain messages those nerves send to the brain.
Facet Injection
With a facet injection, Dr. Lo combines a long-lasting steroid with an anesthetic agent to provide relief from both pain and inflammation. These injections are done in various areas along the spine, depending on the location of the pain.
Joint Injection
Joint injections introduce medication, usually a steroid, directly into the joint where it can do the most good. The ultimate goal is to reduce the inflammation in the joint that makes the movement so difficult while reducing pain at the same time.
Pain Management
Dr. Lo's ultimate goal is to provide the best pain management solution possible. He takes the lead in coordinating referrals to other adjunctive providers to ensure that you truly have a comprehensive treatment plan to maximize your long term health and well being.
Ultrasound Guided Injections
Injections often require a detailed view of the anatomy of the target location such as complex joints. Ultrasound guidance provides a real-time, detailed view without radiation when extreme accuracy is required.
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Peripheral nerve stimulation is an effective, drug-free pain management approach for those who suffer from chronic and acute pain of the peripheral nerve origin. PNS uses mild electrical impulses to block pain signals from various parts of your body before they get to the brain, including nerve impingement.


The physicians of Northern California Pain Specialists accept all PPOs, Worker's Compensation, and Medicare. We participate in most all local HMO plans, some requiring authorizations for the initial consult. Please contact us with any insurance questions or concerns.



Northern California Pain Specialists

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